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Kindred Souls of Brooklyn

Your place for everything Brooklyn.


The reason I started this website is because I thought that it was a great idea and that I thought that it would be fun!

My Story


My name is Al. B.

I am a lifelong Brooklyn resident. I lived in Florida for 5 years where I did service for a certain mouse; but even while I was there and was welcome, it wasn't really home. My Brooklyn accent would always give me away. How long are you visiting? I guess a certain super hero was on point when he said "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." 

For most of my adult life, my family and I owned a local card shop in Park Slope. It was our business and our home away from home. The place where friends came together and many a story, laugh, and or hardship was shared.

Times and the economy changed, and in 2013, after 27 years, we shut our doors after one more Christmas and Valentine season. Hardly a day goes by that I don't miss all of the enrichment it brought to my life, but thankfully memories and friendships remain and quite honestly it warms my heart when I'm buying greeting cards in the local big chain pharmacy and I see two former customers conversing and I hear "I sure miss our local Hallmark store on Ninth Ave."

To all of our friends, customers, pet people, spiritual people, and everyone else I might have forgotten; thank you for making the journey so much fun and for helping me to bring the destination to this point for a new journey.

I thought the creation of a website dedicated to the love of Brooklyn would be a fantastic thing!

A website that would bring "Brooklynites" and the world together so that they could share culture, diversity, and all the things which Brooklyn has to offer. Afterall, one in four citizens of the United States can trace their family heritage back to Brooklyn. Thank you Ellis Island!

Here now is that site; which I may add, will, like myself, be a continual "Work in Progress."

Let the adventure begin!